What we do?

Aakri is a waste management company that came about in 2019. The idea was simple- using technology to ensure zero waste, a greener earth and a sustainable future for all. Aakri engages in waste and scrap collection, channeling it into end recycling centers to ensure zero waste. Aakri’s niche is domestic biomedical waste segment that is filtered using clean green tech under KEIL.

Our Services

Residential Scrap Removal

Aakri Residential Scrap Removal is your premier choice for hassle-free scrap removal.
•  Easy Scheduling: Use our user-friendly app to book a scrap removal appointment effortlessly.
•  Expert Team: Count on our skilled and friendly team to arrive promptly at your doorstep.
•  Swift Assessment and Payment: We quickly assess your scrap's value and offer instant cash or secure transfers.

Domestic Biomedical Waste Removal

Looking where to dump urinal bags, diapers, sanitary napkins, expired medicines, or laboratory waste?
•  Request a Biomedical Pickup: Download Aakri App and easily initiate the pickup of biomedical waste.
•  Expert Biomedical Waste Management: Our team is well-trained to adhere to the safe handling of biomedical waste, utilizing yellow barcoded bags in accordance with the Biomedical Waste Management Rules of 2016.

Commercial Scrap Removal

Is the accumulation of old junk and scraps hindering your workspace efficiency?
•  Schedule an appointment: send in pictures of your scrap at help@aakri
•  Quick estimate: We will analyse and send in a quick estimate.
•  Easy Decluttering: Our team is committed to efficient and professional removal of clutter, guaranteeing a seamless experience for your business.

Bulk Waste Generator (BWG)

Aaakris BWG offers a convenient solution for those classified as "Bulk Waste Generators" under the 2016 Solid Waste Management Rules. Whether you're a residential space, hotel, shopping mall, educational institution, or commercial asset, you can now streamline your waste management from a central hub. Aaakris BWG simplifies the collection and swift disposal into recycling channels, ensuring a sustainable waste management process.

Recycling Marketplace

Marketplace by Aakri is an online platform where buyers and sellers in the scrap industry can connect and trade. Our mission is to maximize the value of scrap materials, fostering reuse and recycling to enhance efficiency. By transforming one company's waste into another's resource, we create economic opportunities for both parties.

EPR Loop

Aakkri’s EPR loop allows industries to check if their products have been channeled back into recycling or upcycling streams helping them to reduce their carbon footprint. EPR Loop's innovative process allows the companies to earn green points.


Shaping Tomorrow's Future Today!

India's annual production of 3.4 million tonnes of plastic waste poses a critical environmental challenge, especially with only 30% of it being recycled. The pressing need for effective waste management is evident. Aakri steps in as a crucial solution to address this gap, offering a comprehensive approach to tackle the rising tide of unmanaged waste. By promoting recycling, reducing environmental impact, and providing efficient waste solutions, Aakri is not just an app; it's a necessity for a cleaner, more sustainable future.










Checkout Popular Causes

Recycling Drives

Aakri actively collaborates with schools, colleges, and various communities to foster a culture of recycling. We are dedicated to instilling this environmentally conscious behavior everywhere for a brighter and sustainable tomorrow.

Recycling Drives

Tree Plantation Campaign

The rise of concrete structures and lesser green cover signifies the peak of urbanization. Aakri's plantation drives serve as a reminder that as we progress economically, we must also honor our responsibility to the environment.

Tree Plantation Campaign

Beach Clean-up Campaign

The pervasive threat of plastic waste choking our rivers and oceans demands urgent attention. Aakri's cleanup drives focus on preventing these plastics from reaching our precious waters, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.

Beach Clean-up Campaign

Become a volunteer

If your passion lies in sustainability and environmental initiatives, and you're eager to volunteer, sign up with us. Join us in making a positive impact!

Become a volunteer


Shaping Tomorrow's Future Today!

Want to make a difference? Reach out to us!.

Our Events



Beach Clean Up Drive (Open to Public)

Clean up Drive in Fort Kochi on January 1, 2024 at 7:00 am near Police station, Fort Kochi.



Recycling drive in GEMS Modern Academy

Eco Zen, a recycling drive in GEMS Modern Academy for the collection of paper, plastic and e- waste was conducted successfully..



Food Surplus sharing (Open to Public)

Aakri is launching Zero Hunger Project, a platform for food businesses to channel surplus food to the needy. The project is supported by FSSAI’s Save Food, Share food, Share joy and Cochin Corporation’s Heal Kochi project.

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“A good, responsive team and efficient pickup. I didn't have to argue or bargain with the vendor because the rates for each item are listed on the app upfront, and the scrap is weighed on a digital weighing scale. This is a much-needed service and I will definitely be using this app again." - Parvathi V

“It is a good venture to dispose the wastes effectively through mobile application based service. AAKRI application also very user friendly. Waste collection team has got professional approch to deal with customers. Thanks to Mr.Anilkumar, who has very efficiently managed to reduce the collection time.” - Paul Kj

"Thanks a lot aakri team. It was my very first experience with this app and got a positive response from them. Also, the rates for scrap items is also much better than the local ones. Pick up man's was also very polite and good attitude towards the customers. Gona use this app again in future ☺ Once again, Thank you so much!!!" - Sreeja J S

"A Updated concept of Scrap collection by an Energetic, Responsive and Friendly Team in this online Era! Apt Green uniforms🦺, friendly pickup executives. You can really beleive them in transparency of weight and payment. 👏You can call this Team for any type waste disposal & relax. It was really an good experience with the Team! All the best Team Aakri!! 👍" - CV Balakrishna Naya


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